What is deep art meditation?

Deep art meditation is a technique where a meditator brings the various aspects of meditation into the art. This expression involves the watching and observation, and hence art and artist are one, painting and painter is one, dance and dancer is one, poet and poetry is one, it is all happening without any control of mind, it is flow of the energy.
The deep art meditation moves from the awakening of the Kundalini Shakti and manifests itself in the higher state of consciousness called Nijananda: the bliss of the self.

In this process the Chakras are tuned to receive and get connected to the higher levels of consciousness and allow the energy to flow through the meditator; through expression of the art, dance, meditation, Mantra Path to reach to a state called TURYA the junction between the waking and dreaming.

The Deep Art Meditation is the way inside to connect to the ParamShiva, Bhariva to attain Moksha. May the blessings be showered on the Siva that you are

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dark Matter

The depth of the energy is the field that is creates, the depth of the mind is the level of thoughts it generates, but what is point in having so much depth which takes one away from the awareness. Darkness is beautiful, watch it.

Caravan of Master

The cycle is an equation, events are the algorithms, the result is the karmic connection, purpose is to get out of the equation.


The wall of mind, the wonderful illusions, worlds within worlds, universes within universes, the wonders of mind.

Pilgrims of club

Lost in the music, the pilgrims of the club.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

La La mind

Mind is a big la la, it is like a baby always fascinated with things, people and places, and this is la la mind

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

sensory Pleasures

The way we perceive world is limited due to our senses, the limitation of senses brings a dimension which becomes the projection of the world and nothing can be seen beyond the projection. It is inhibited by the inability of the physical dimension.

Pilgrims of time

Pilgrims of time walk through the time and space, they wander through the existence and reach to a point in their life called absolute nothingness.